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Let us be honest – Instagram is not private as you may think, we may say it is quite opposite – privacy is one of major topics on Instagram. If you are casual user, you must agree with us that posting images is real fun! By default Instagram is letting you to share photos from your last vacation with your friends and to decide the level of privacy you want on your account. But is there a way how you can see such photos, even they are set to be “private”only? Sure there is, and we will explain this method in details right in this article.Instagram_unlocked-580x438 Many Instagram users are not aware that they are not safe if they set their user preferences to private. The bare truth is that it is relatively easy to enter and see hidden images on any Instagram profile and they can be easily be transferred from “private” to public. what is the main difference between those two settings? Well, if your settings are set to “private” only your friends, or only your followers may see your images. It is clearly described in Instagram guidelines and online help that if you set your account to private mode, only approved friends, or in this case followers, will be able to see your content. If anyone wants to see these private Instagram images, according to this rule, he or she must send you a private message or ask for approval in order to see your posts and photos. That includes your following and followers list. This is not nuclear science, it is quite simple to set your account to private, frankly you can do it in few seconds on your smartphone.

indexBut, there is always but, it seems that even when you put your account in private mode, your images are not safe, or hidden, anyone can see your “hidden” images, without necessity to ask for your permission! How is that possible? Well. it is possible because Instagram became a part of global social networks, and basically you can approach to hidden Instagram photos via such networks like Facebook or Twitter! It is so simple! imagesFor example, if you click on any Instagram image link within “tweet” it will transfer you directly to the photo on Instagram account. Then you may be really surprised, you will be able to see all photos in portfolio, even photos may be set to private! It is significant to note that Twitter timeline shows images from Instagram, so you can easily track different photos and use Twitter as direct portal to private images on Instagram. Practically, every image that is shared on Twitter enables anyone to click and see the image in it’s original place – on Instagram, which makes privacy setting worthless.

To be honest, this method is not a hack,but it is some kind of privacy issue. If you think that Instagram made some mistake, you are wrong, they are fully aware of this issue, more than that they officially warned users to take care when sharing videos or photos on other social networks. Let us summarize this method, when image/link leaves the borders of Instagram, it is not private anymore, which means that private settings are private only on Instagram. You can test this method by yourself on your own account, simply set your account to private mode and go to Twitter. Then, share your so-called private photo and wait. You will receive feedback from your friends and followers, but all that has no sense, because your Instagram account is suppose to block such attempts and show your photos only to selected viewers. Well, something went wrong in the implementation of the software, but frankly, who cares, this is really great way to snipe for some great, hidden images on Instagram.


If you have, and most of us have, connected accounts, /Facebook, Instagram Twitter etc/, you may say good-buy to your privacy. This is very important topic and issue on forums and user discussions,so you can find some fast solutions online if you desperately need them.If you are not control freak, but average Instagram users, just relax and search for another “private” photo.