It’s easy to get lost in the sea of accounts on Instagram without finding anything that will brighten your day. Nevertheless, there are tons of people who dedicate their whole day to make you smile or just to brighten up your day in their own special way on Instagram.

If you are looking for a couple of those types of accounts, we have compiled a list for you, so you don’t have to spend tons of hours finding them on your own. If you hear of some private profiles we have a way to allow you to view private profiles so don’t worry if you find amazing accounts that are set on private.

1. Humansofny

The unique Instagram story account that is based in New York and which has made its roots over on Facebook. Here you will find amazing life stories from people that live their busy lives in the city that never sleeps. This is a great way to feel New York if you have never been there, but you would like to visit.


2. JunantoHerdiawan

This account is fun and interactive at the same time. It depicts people from all over the world in a levitating position. The moment of the picture is made with specific care, and every pose makes it more epic than the picture before. You can clearly see that people who are on these photos are having fun and enjoying life. It’s the best way to start a rainy day!

3. Jaredchambers

If you want a professional’s photographer on your follower’s list that loves to take pictures of inanimate objects that were created by human hands, then this is the guy to follow.

Every building or construction that was made by man can be found here. The account has many pictures from all over the world, and it has tons of followers that take great inspiration from all of its content.

4. Vsco

For anyone that is looking for that little “Umpf” to put in their pictures, this account provides that outside of the box point of view. Anyone that is a photographer knows that inspiration is not endless and that sooner or later you need a different point of view in your life. This account is great for when you run out of your creative juices on that late Sunday afternoon.

5. Charitywater

If the red cross had an Instagram account for to capture the moments every time people who had no clean water when they got it the first time, this would be that account.

Charitywater is an amazing Instagram account that inspires ordinary people to do great things. Even if you don’t plan to become anything amazing, this will give you an energy boost that you did not know you even needed for your week.

6. Apartment Therapy

Looking for unique and exciting ways to spice up your living space? This is the account you were looking for. Whenever you see some fantastic looking apartments on TV, and you think, “that it would be amazing if you could spice up your house like that.”

The only problem would be that the interior decorator would cost a ton of money. Apartment Therapy is free and makes new and unique posts about living space decor every day. Join Apartment Therapy and get that dose of creativity in your life today.

7. Witanddelight_

Another account that looks outside of the box but for small things. If you don’t get the time to appreciate beauty in the small things in life that often, just visit this account.

The fast life of living today gets us all caught up in the fast machine, and we should all take a bit of time to rest and enjoy the simple things. Witanddelight_ is perfect for those 20 minutes in the day when we just want to rewind and relax.

8. Food52

Where would we be without good food on our table? If you are unsure what you should make for lunch today or you need a suggestion on how to spice up your food to get that amazing taste or look than this is an account, you just have to follow.

Recipes are not based on just one country or one way of making food, but instead, it makes thousands of fabulous meals in different ways from recipes that are used from all over the world.

9. Happens

People that love quotes in their daily lives will just adore this account. Every day this account uploads several inspirational quotes that will put a smile on your face, or give you that small energy boost you need to make it through the tough days.

10. The Delicious

If you need more accounts to follow that post amazing pictures and recipes of food, join The Delicious. These guys actually put effort into making all their pictures so they would look amazing and tasty. Every food lover will find something nice on this Instagram account.


11. Real Grumpy Cat

If you have never heard of the grumpy cat, then you have no idea what you were missing up until now. The Real Grumpy Cat is an account by the owner of a cat that has the best grumpy expression in the whole world.

When your days are just full of negative things, visit this account and get that dose of laughter that you so desperately need. Believe us if nothing can make you smile today, this cat is the cure for you.

12. Dogs of Instagram

Dog lovers rejoice, your dose of dog’s over Instagram can be satisfied if you follow the Dogs of Instagram account. Here you will find lots of different dog species that are just enjoying life with their owners.

13. Harlowandsage

Looking for another daily dose of cute animals? Look no further because the harlowandsage got you covered. Everyone needs a bit of animal loving in their life, and if you can’t house thousands of animals, at least you can look at them and smile over you Instagram. Amazing photos in real life situations are a common thing on this account so just scroll away and enjoy.