Instagram is one of the most popular social media on the internet for years now. People feel a need to share moments they captured, and Instagram is the place for that. Users fall in love with the minimal interface, and they become addicted to Instagram in no time.

Sharing details of your life with friends and fans is fine, but some users are concerned about the safety of their profiles and private information. Securing your account with a lock would change the whole idea of Instagram, but there is a way you can stay safe. Read on for more tips on how to keep your account safe.

          1. Don’t enter your phone number to your profile

            When you want to create a profile on Instagram, you will be asked to enter your phone number. Don’t enter it because Instagram will use it to find your location, even if it’s disclosed as private information. That means that people can find your Instagram account if they know the number of your phone. Leave it out, and you won’t have that problem.

          2. Location or not

            Sometimes it could seem fun to add your location along with the photo you posted. You are on a luxurious vacation somewhere worth bragging with, so you post your location, this is perfectly normal, but this shouldn’t be practiced in your everyday life. Why? Well, if you keep posting the places you have visited around town, other users can get an idea of where you like to go and how often you do it. Complete strangers could stalk you based on that information, or they can break into your home while you are somewhere else. Sharing information like that could end up in disaster.


          3. Double check linked accounts

            If you are the type of Instagram user that has the account linked to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks, make sure that your privacy settings match your intentions. Take a look at our security and privacy settings and share only those photos you feel comfortable about.


          1. Consider going Privateinstagram-private-profile

            You can make your Instagram private which means that only those with specific permissions can view your posts. Even if you do this, there are ways to get around your privacy settings. Our Private Instagram viewer app can easily work around locked profiles and show you all the photos you couldn’t see earlier.

            Nothing is private on the internet. If the service you are using gets breached, your private information could become public in seconds. That’s why you shouldn’t post things you could regret in the future, no matter how private your profile is.

          2. Don’t click on dodgy links

            In case you are not aware of this, Instagram profiles that promise you tons of followers if you clink a link to their profiles are usually fake. Just don’t do it, no matter which social network you are using.



Got new ideas?

This is what we found most important, but if you have any more tips on how to keep your Instagram profile safe, please leave a comment below.