Being active on social media in 2016 is nothing new. On the contrary, you would probably get a weird look if you told someone you’re not on any of the social networks. They are so convenient; you have to admit it. With all the contacts to keep in touch via Facebook, all those Images waiting for you on the Instagram. Getting inspired, educated and feeling like a part of something larger has never been easier. Social media are bringing us together, no matter what you might think about it, it is a solid fact.

With social media being so prevalent in our lives, it is no wonder that they started to grow on us. After a time, using a social media becomes our alter ego, our reflection and what we do there begins to reflect and influence our life. There are many cases of spouses meeting online, friendships starting in the comment section and so on. I even met my longest lasting girlfriend on Facebook. It’s so easy, and the information available can mean so much, that it’s impossible not to use it. And sometimes, in a particular situation, you might want to go more or less private in your online affairs.


It happened to me, to be frank. I used to have a locked Instagram account that I only shared with certain people. I didn’t post much; I used it as a way to get inspired about clothing and for cooking recipes. For that reason, I kept it private. I locked my account and all my activity, following people I wished to see more of but I didn’t approve any of the requests I was getting. You know how it goes, it gets connected to Facebook and then all your friends can see that it’s you there. When I created the account, I did not know about this. Soon, I was overwhelmed with all the requests, and I declined them all. I later explained my friends and co-workers what it was all about and all was well for a time.

About that time, I met Marsha. After dating for a while, we hit it off and were having a great time. One day she asked me why my Instagram profile was private and why won’t I let her follow me. I explained why and how I was using the social network. And then it happened. One of those awkward conversations you get dragged into by a seemingly unimportant word or a phrase. One of those that escalate into a loud verbal fight with no understanding and real communication. I don’t know how but it ended up being the worst fight we ever had with me being hurt and stubborn because of lack of trust I was getting. And her, of course, feeling like I am lying about my internet activities. It passed, just like everything else, but it never really got resolved. She ended up making her account private and denying me access to teach me a lesson.


I was frustrated about this, I did not lie to her but was now wondering if she was hiding something. I was driving myself crazy. Then, I remembered Tony, one of my oldest friends who happened to be tech wizard. He knew how to reboot the system on my PC and could always fix the internet in under five minutes. A wizard. I called him and explained my troubles, and he just started laughing. It turns out, there is a simple solution to my problem.

He told me about this website, which can override the Instagram and let you see the activity and posts from private accounts. I wasn’t trying to be malicious or anything, but I was anxious about where my relationship was going, and I went for it. The thing was called the Instagram Private Viewer, and it allowed anyone to see accounts as if they were public. Moreover, PrivateViewer allows you to download the said content to your device, making it convenient for later.


I wasn’t much into spying, but I did end up recommending it to a bunch of people afterward. When I first heard of the InstagramPrivateViewer, it sounded weird and intrusive to me, but as time went on I understood that there are many situations when it comes in handy. When I used it first, I immediately looked up my girlfriend’s account and found out she was frustrated about the all this. Until then I thought we just went over that part of our relationship. On her private Instagram, the only place I was not allowed to go, I saw something else. I saw her stories, the things she posted without thinking I would ever see it. She was sad, and she was suffering. She thought I was cheating on her and who knows what.

The experience sobered me up, and I opened to her, confessing what I did. I also allowed her to be on my Instagram and apologized for the whole stupid drama. It was a happy ending. For a few years at least. After that, I found out there are numerous ways to utilize this technology in a positive way. My cousin Meryl was probably the most dramatic case. She discovered her daughter was hanging around some bed people over via InstagramPerfectViewer. Another one of my friends learned his wife was having an affair. No joke. It is incredible what you can in the places think you’re not looking.


For all it is worth, the online privacy is a thing that should be allowed to everyone. I am standing behind that one hundred percent. Still, am I glad there are ways to bend that rule in a time of need? Absolutely. There is a time and place for everything and if the intentions are right – there is no “evil machine.” InstagramPrivateViewer saved my relationship, and at least one life, and I thank it for that.