Hashtags are the vital tool for marketing on Instagram. In this article you will discover how hashtags can make your Instagram images and videos more visible.

What’s a hashtag? – A hashtag is a symbol that allows web search engines to find and rank keywords, messages and in the case of Instagram – pictures. Hashtags help organize and classify images and video content, which facilitates content discovery process and optimization.Your hashtags should be unique and catchy to you. While originally hashtags started on Twitter, they quickly became a part of every social media channel including Instagram. Every piece of content you publish on Instagram may be accompanied with few hashtags a short message or a legend. For example, if you type #dog #cars or in one of your photos, all users around the world in search of “car” and similar terms will easily find your photo and other user’s image using the same #keyword. Instagram hashtag density tends to be much larger than Twitter because companies realize the success of their marketing that depends on appropriate hash-tagging.

Some high authority profiles set their photos and hashtags on private so you can not see any of them. In such case you can use Instagram private viewer app and uncover all locked Instagram photos and info. These hashtags can be used for huge boost in traffic if used correctly.


Why should you use Hash tags on Instagram? – The asnswer is simple – hashtag will allow any user interested in your photos for easy retrieval with a single search and eliminate the need to scroll through all the photos on a user’s profile. Moreover, Instagram hashtags not just stay within the platform. When someone shares your content on Facebook, Instagram hashtag is published with it. Your content has a better chance of being found by other fans who may not have seen the origin of the image, or who are searching for the hashtag with Facebook Search. You can start by putting in place all the important information and as time goes by and your circumstances change, and you can add more important elements with their own hashtags. It is important for you to know that it will be easier for users looking for images or people with these keywords to find what they need. This provides a good way for companies that have new Instagram accounts or a small number of followers to get exposure to more people interested in what they offer.


005Best hashtags practices on Instagram – Online marketers see the potential to build communities, increase brand recognition and expand the scope of business while regular users view Instagram hashtags as tools to enhance the experience of the network. Each picture and video of your business to Instagram uploads must include a short caption.
You can include up to 40 hashtags, consider using no more than three to six hashtags. It may be tempting to use popular hashtags hoping to reach thousands (even millions) of others on Instagram.

For example, one of the most popular hashtags is #picoftheday and it has been applied to more than 177 million photos. If an account uses this hashtag with pictures of his office, he does not make the network or business-favors. Large companies that have found success marketing on Instagram using popular hashtags sparingly, they do not apply blindly relevant hashtags to their content. Instead, these companies are more comfortable to be dominant hashtags or create new ones that are related to their brands. Do not use hashtags makes it virtually private Instagram content. On the other hand, using the right hashtags allows to put your content in front of people looking for keywords and phrases related to your brand or company. Social media marketing can enjoy hashtags to increase their impact if they carefully choose hashtags and not to abuse it. Instagram is a mature social network, that you can take advantage in full using hashtags to organize and categorize vast collection of images and video content. When you find the right image you can download all photos from Instagram for offline viewing and editing.