Every month we receive a substantial portion of Instagram updates. But what many users are suspicious of is the reduced visibility up to 90%. This can make a significant difference in how your brand performs online, and for many of them, it may mean an end of their digital brand. Unfortunately, many of us fail to understand what Instagram is trying to achieve. But, as this social network shifts its focus, it’s important that users follow. But, here are some critical updates you should pay attention to if you want to upgrade your account.

Unblock the 90%

This new guideline is a deathblow to many accounts. Your posts will only get 10% visibility when you post them. For instance, if you have 100 followers, only ten will see your content. But, if you were previously engaged, the will release the remaining 90%. Based on Instagram, they push 10% of your content to the most engaged viewers. To sum all up, if followers like share and comment your posts, then you will unblock the virtual ban Instagram has imposed. Your only obligation would be to engage your followers and make them love your content. When your followers scroll through your account, this action means nothing to Instagram; they need to be active participants in your post. If you want to build a successful marketing strategy, then make sure to remember this rule.

Respond fast

Respond fast

Depending on the number of followers, you won’t be able to respond to all messages, unless you want to spend day and hours in front of your computer. One of the newest updates states that Instagram will give your decreased visibility if you don’t respond to followers who have commented within 60 minutes. If you fail to show engagement, then slowly, Instagram will reduce the visibility of your posts and even hashtags. In this case, you need to apply a 60-minute rule, and eventually, the more engagement you have, the more significant your content will be. You need to remember that engagement and visibility work together, and if these two are separated, then you won’t have success.

Response engagement

In the past, everything you said back to people counted as an engagement, but that’s not the case now, with new algorithm changes. So, basically, if your follower’s response is less than three words, then it doesn’t show that your account engaged enough. For instance, if they just put a simple emoji, or comment “I like it,” it won’t have any success towards your engagement. The followers will have to write at least four words if you don’t want to experience decreased visibility. If you’re going to cause a reaction from your users, then you need to give them a high-quality content. Put yourself in their position. You’ll want your users to see private instagram profile as a business one. It will offer them more motivation to follow you and comment your posts.

Variety of hashtags

Variety of hashtagsBefore this change, it was common to use fifteen to thirty hashtags. But now, we have encountered a giant block of hashtags. If you post same hashtags over and over again, then Instagram will see this action as spam. This means your account will be active, but it won’t lead you anywhere. You will have to use a refined and specific hashtag system and use up to five hashtags in your posts. But, you have to connect hashtags to your posts, but make sure they are accurate and very focused if you are going to use them in your posts.

Instagram stories are more relevant than before

People who use Instagram stories will have a better chance at visibility. Instagram sees the use of stories as being real people who are looking for organic growth. Instagram likes users who are continuously trying to connect with people, and this social network prefers the use of Instagram stories. If you aren’t already using, then you should consider stories as your ultimate solution. Recently Instagram published on their blog they like stories the most. This platform feels like Instagram stories keep people coming back to this social network. If you want to promote your brand further, then you will think about this option.

Portrait shutter for stories

This new feature has been tested in the last couple of months. But, we also have an opportunity to experience a variety of updates to the stories whenever they publish new content. Now we can explore a portrait mode, which helps you focus on facing while blurring the background. Considering it’s being tested we will more likely see this option in the future.

Voice and video calling

Following all the major social networks, it is rumored that Instagram has decided to include voice and video messaging in a direct message channel. Right now, some users have reported the existence of video and voice call buttons, but other than that, they don’t have a practical use. Direct messaging on Instagram isn’t nearly as popular as it is on other platforms, so this may seem like a surprise and one of their way of stepping up the game. Instagram want to compete on global market and overcome other social networks.

Instagram scheduling

This is probably the most significant announcement released in this year. Someone who depends on this platform and does a lot of Instagram marketing will be thrilled with this new improvement. Instagram has presented a new API that provides users on-platform native scheduling. In this case, business profiles will be able to schedule posts via the API, or even better, using a third-party scheduling and social management. In the past, users had an opportunity to use social media management software to create and complete the posts fully. However, their tools didn’t have a chance to directly publish content on your Instagram profile, the same way they could do on Facebook and Twitter. Now, with this new update, these third-party apps will post directly to Instagram, making them more valuable and efficient.