When it comes to social media platforms which are successful and big such as Instagram, then you have to do everything in your power to gain new followers. Especially, when you are a business owner because the more followers you have, the more potential customers you will have. That’s why every successful business and company is using social media as their number one marketing option. The one big issue with social media that not many people are realizing is that it can be hard to become successful and have a huge follower base. People that have big numbers of followers are all using some strategy or method to constantly gain new followers.

One of the most important things that every successful account needs to do is be constantly be active on the Instagram because if you are not active, then you will start losing followers. People simply don’t like and will not follow an account that posts every two weeks. If you are constantly active, then you are immediately above some of your competitors on Instagram. However, there are few other methods that will easily attract new followers to your account such as Instagram contests. Of course, it is not that simple to host a successful Instagram contest, if you don’t know the trick to it, then you will fail. Luckily for you, we have created a list of things that you need to do to host a successful Instagram contest.


Create Beneficial Rules

Instagram contests are successful only when you know how to create them. A successful contest means that you will gain a lot of new followers for your account in a short amount of time. As mentioned, achieving that is not easy when you don’t know how exactly to do it. The first thing you have to know is that you are the creator and you are making the rules of the contest. Therefore, you must be smart about the rules and make the contest extremely beneficial to you. When creating the rules, you have a lot of power, and you have to use it wisely in your favor.

To create the most beneficial rules, then you have to know what the most popular ones are. To find out the most popular rules, you can visit another account that is hosting a contest and see their rules. You will most likely see the like and follow to win contests because those are the most common ones. We also strongly suggest hosting those types of contests because you will have the most success with them.

beneficial rules

Like and Follow to Win

This is definitely the most common type of contest that you will find on Instagram, and there is a good reason for that. If you don’t already know what are the benefits of this type of contests, then don’t worry because we will explain everything. Like and follow to win type of contests are extremely beneficial for the host of the contest for one big reason, and that is because he will get a huge number of new followers in a short amount of time.

These type of rules are straightforward to understand, all they need to do to enter your contest is to like the picture and follow your account. Then when the contest is over you will pick one of those people that liked and followed your account. If someone only likes or only follows your account, they will have the chance to win the contest. Simple as that and because it is that easy, a lot of people are entering these types of contests.

Tag a Friend

This is also one very favorite type of rule that you can add to your contest. We also recommend adding this rule because it will grant you much more followers in the end. That is because people will need to tag their friends in that picture. That means that those friends will see the picture and most likely they will also enter the contest. It is almost a never ending circle; you can increase the new following count by a lot just by only implementing this simple rule to your contests. As you might know, viewing private Instagram profiles will get you nowhere because there is nothing that you can achieve with them unless you start following them. Targeting private Instagram profiles is easy with this tag a friend rule that you can implement in your contest.

friends tagging

The Price is the Key

If you were following all the steps above and you still didn’t have a lot of success with your contests, then there is one more thing that you need to change and think about. That thing is the price of the contests, and in many cases, it is the key for hosting a successful contest on Instagram or any other social media platform. A lot of people don’t realize this, and they are creating contests with almost no success what so ever. The majority of people realize that they are missing something after they have failed for the first time, but knowing a key factor as this is not easy. Luckily for you, we are sharing every little secret there is to hosting a successful contest.

About the price of the competition, you need to know that it can be a game changer. Meaning, your result of the contest can be completely different depending on the price that you are giving out.

That is simply because people will not enter a contest that offers a price that is not worth the effort they need to put to enter the contest. The price needs to be something that is very popular at the time, and everyone wants to have one. Of course, it also depends on your financial state because if you can’t afford it, then you can’t give it away. It has to be something valuable and popular that will grant you a lot of interested people.