There is no question about it, Instagram is a growing social network that attracts more people to it as each day passes by. Not only that mundane, everyday people use it to promote their work, but large companies, major brands, and corporations do it as well.

Being that they are the experts in the field of advertisement and marketing they can easily boost publicity on any profile they create. While you may be struggling with expanding your reach and improving your fame on this social network, they do it almost effortlessly.


So the only logical thing to do here is to learn from the best in business. Learning from their examples of successful posting, interacting and operating on Instagram might just be the best way to understand how to improve your own posts.

But to be successful on Instagram doesn’t mean to focus solely on posting. It takes a lot more to acquire fame on Instagram. Here is what major companies do to promote their brand, expand their reach and accumulate real followers that interact with their posts.

Use actionable hashtags to build a community

Nike has certainly done it with their campaign ‘choose your winter’ last year. They managed to use the events that exist to tag along and create their own campaign. This isn’t cheating or anything similar. It’s a marketing move that lets you expand your reach and get a portion of an otherwise unreachable audience by supporting other big events around you.

Do you have some major events around you or events that go with niche? This can be your chance to practice making this strategy effective. Simply pick something closely relevant to your brand and use that movement to tag along and attract followers to your page. Nothing is more important than timing when making a move such as this.


To use this golden opportunity, you need to be informed. The best time to act is when the event starts with their advertisement. Once you’ve successfully utilized this technique and assured yourself how effective it is, you’ll always stay on the lookout for events around you that you can use to tag along.

Partner up and keep your intentions transparent

Everything is easier when you’ve got a helping hand. And when that helping hand gets something for doing a favor for you, it’s called a mutually beneficial understanding. Another neat trick that you can do to expand your reach and boost your fame on Instagram is to partner up. Find a suitable partner that can benefit from advertising your brand.

To find one you look for accounts with similar interest that are on the rise. Once you find them simply interact with them and later on discus about your proposition with them. But what about private profiles? You can’t check what they’re about and see if they share your interests if their bio section is locked. This creates another question.


How to view locked Instagram account? Well, you don’t have to. There are ways to do so, but why bother. Look for public profiles with promising content but that are still on the rise. If you’re wondering how to spot them, simply look for accounts that have fewer followers than you do but not less than a thousand.

They are the perfect candidate for your partnership proposition. They should sound more than eager to accept your proposition and start advertising your brand. This is only because they get something out of it to. Find a couple more accounts like this, and you’ll expand your reach exponentially with each new partner.

Interact with your followers

No matter how big you feel, it’s important to step down and have a few laughs with the little people. They are your bread and butter so you should show them that you’re approachable from time to time, besides the fact that you’re a brand. This way they will create a closer connection with your and show that you aren’t just some blank page with brand placement related posts.

You’re a real person, and you should interact with your followers accordingly. Here are a couple of few tips when interacting with them on your posts, replying to a comment or even if you interact on their post- should it be necessary. Always start with a positive attitude.


Even if you have an unpleasant topic in front of you, address the problem with a healthy, rational, positive attitude. This will show them that you’re actually that type of person and more importantly that you want your brand to be associated with those qualities.

Relate with them while staying relevant to your brand. Compassionate people are more likely to become trusted in conversations that those that aren’t able to see things from other angles than their own. This way you should relate to your followers while staying ‘on course’ with your brand placement.

Remember that every public announcement or statement that you make is the perfect opportunity to mention your brand. Every time your address publicly you need to speak on behalf of your brand. The bottom line is to always have it in your mind.

Don’t over post

You’d think that there is no limit in posting on Instagram. Well, technically there isn’t. You can post all day, but that’s not the point. You need to make your posts effective. To do this you can’t overcrowd your follower’s feed with annoying brand-related posts.

They will easily classify you as add, a soulless advertising tool in a human form that’s using a social network to promote something they don’t stand for. To avoid all this stick to your routine when posting and remember that you can only exceed that number of daily posts once in a while.

Don’t make it a habit as not only that it won’t improve your status on Instagram, but it may be counterproductive for your publicity.