The privacy is one of the hottest topic on social media networks, like Facebook and Instagram, the importance of proper understanding benefits or penalties of certain privacy level and finding the optimum balance between visibility and security is the paramount of modern entrepreneur.

Basically, you will have two options on Instagram, first option is to share your images as Public. This option will allow to any person to view your posts without any limitation. They can access your posts directly from net, or via mobile app. Second option is to set your account to be Private, in other words, only approved persons and people using private profile Instagram viewer will be able to see your images and posts. There are several pros and cons that we will try to cover in this article, in hope that such analysis will help you to make right decision. Let us start with several reasons that strongly pointing why you should set up your Instagram account to private mode.

Security and limited access – As security and privacy is important nowadays, more than ever, possibility to set your Instagram account to private is necessity. Nowadays, access to Instagram is not limited only to Apps. It is possible to access to Instagram via web based browsers. Such approach would enable virtually anybody to see images and confidential data, especially if account is connected to other platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. If you decide to set your account to Private it will enable such unauthorized violations of your privacy. In that case no one would be able to share your personal photos, to view them online, or in worse scenario to save them on external media from your Instagram account. This will give you flexible control over your followers resulting in special level of protection. You will be able to choose your followers, each follower must be approved, or otherwise they cannot see your posts. If you decided to share your photos, they will be visible only to your members, anyone out from your list will not be able to see your posts.

Lesser amount of followers  – From other side, here are few reasons why you should not set your profile to Private, and the first one is almost obvious – you will get drastically lesser amount of followers. You are practically invisible to anyone who is not on your approved list, and in such circumstances it is very hard to promote your profile. If you are using Instagram as your primary marketing tool, this option is out of debate, if you set your profile on Private, forget about marketing campaigns. It will be also very hard for anyone to find your posts and images by using search or hashtags, because photos will not be displayed in Explore Tab.

Another issue that you need to deal with in the case of Private profile is complete lack of interaction and engagement. Usually, interaction with your followers is important issue in marketing, especially on Instagram, but if your posts are set to be Private, such engagement and interaction would not be possible. Finding the right balance between privacy, security and engagement and promotion is quite a challenge, especially in modern times. If you do not have anything to hide on your profile, we suggest to go with Public profiles, as it has a power to generate unlimited streams of followers and promote your business or services all over Internet. Another option is to have two or more Instagram accounts dedicated to different causes, set your Public profile for marketing campaigns, and use second private Instagram account to share delicate photos from last birthday party. In that case, you will get the best of both options, which will lead to optimum Instagram usage.