Instagram redefines so many aspects of people’s lives and so it’s no wonder that it affects younger people the most. There are some very special ways that shape and define young individuals. Instagram can be a strong motivational platform. At the same time, it can also affect people in some not very good ways, too. Nevertheless, it is a social platform that you will either love or hate. But it really is interesting to learn about some of the awesome ways it changes the world that we live in. We have a great article for your viewing pleasure – so read on to find out more.

Multimedia sharing takes over the world by storm

It really was surprising to even consider that an image sharing network would ever see popularity enjoyed by a giant such as Facebook. However, we feel that Instagram’s rise to power had plenty to do with selfies. Namely, selfies were a trend that was extremely popular among teenagers at first. Then almost everyone else seemed to catch on.This is still, to some people, a very irritating trend. Soon after images, Instagram enabled video uploads as well. To this day, images are still the dominant content that users share on the ever-increasing network.


In a very special way, it is photography that enables people to communicate without words. So, some teens prefer to simply point and shoot with their smartphones instead of writing. Unlike other social networks which are primarily reliant on text-based content. It was exactly this rise in photo-related content sharing that forced Twitter to allow multimedia content upload for posts. We all remember that it first started as a basic 160-character text per post based platform.

The follower culture becomes norm

Unlike most of the other request based social networks – Instagram offers a more convenient way of connecting people. Teens can follow brands and individuals much easier. Getting the latest information about trends is now much easier. For some pages and profiles, there is no viewing restriction. You only need to have an account in order to comment and receive updates as they happen.

And even if a user gets blocked from viewing certain profiles and pages – there is a way around this with Instagram spy tool. This means that there is virtually no profile viewing restriction for anyone, anymore. Seeing how teenagers often tend to be freer with pointing out their personal opinions this doesn’t come as a surprise. Certain brands are regularly moderating follower comments and even blocking some of them permanently.


Serious companies understand the impact that Instagram has on the teenage population. They create amusing age focused ads in forms of images and short video clips. If the campaign catches on among teens – it starts to spread like wildfire over the social network. Brand marketing simply takes advantage of the way that younger followers observe the world. They make easy to understand slogans and use specific colour tones to get their attention. So far – this has proven to work for them. However, due to the fact that teens get bored easily, brands always come up with new ways of attracting their attention.

Filter me this, filter me that

Another impressionable phenomenon that teens helped spread are photo filters. The rise of easy to use image processing effects – filters – has changed the way teenagers share images and videos. Not one of them cares about making realistic looking pictures anymore. Much to the disgust of professional photographers. Now, people mostly use image filters to add a “cool” factor to their everyday activity recordings.

A plain picture of a morning cup of coffee looks way better if you add a vintage look to it. A photo of a sunrise looks more impressionable if you boost the contrast and hue of the colours. Yes, at first and to some even still, Instagram’s filters represent nothing more than a party trick.


And yet, it was thanks to teenagers that they managed to spread and be used by so many people of all ages. Today you will hardly find images that haven’t been processed in some way by use of various image filtering apps. Even Instagram realises that its filters play a more important role than very images that users are sharing. That’s why new filters are added from time to time in order to keep users interested.

Keeping in touch with celebrities

It is not unusual to see famous celebs interacting with their loyal teen fans on Instagram. For instance, Taylor Swift does this so often. Perhaps it is no wonder that she enjoys such popularity. Teenagers can always get relevant info about their favourite stars on Instagram. Famous users keep their followers interested on a regular, daily basis.

You can almost always see what each of them is doing. They share their travel photos and almost always take pictures of stuff that they buy. Of course, this materialistic way of presenting life can have a slightly negative effect on young people. Teenagers sometimes aspire to be like their idols. However, their own reality is almost always not so glamorous. The vast difference between their desires and the current financial state can lead to serious issues.


Depression and lack of motivation often occur among teens. Some of them even get depressed by the fact that their own Instagram profiles are not as popular.We can’t blame famous profile owners for sharing their lifestyle. Although we can suggest that parents should talk and explain to their children what is what.


Technology always changes the world around us faster than we ever thought was possible. Understandably, not everyone notices these changes. It is natural that young people follow current trends and want to be up to date with thelatest information. This can be both a good and a not that great thing. Teenagers are affected the most by what brands and famous Instagram celebrities post on their respective profiles.

Teen culture is certainly being redefined by use of Instagram, that’s for sure. However, not all the glimmer is good for their young minds. Only time will tell how this activity affects teens. What is noticeable from the start is that the teen culture changes faster than ever. So many changes over a span of few decades are perhaps a good thing.As with all things – only time will tell if these cultural shifts were positive or negative.