Instagram marketing is a very familiar topic, and it’s becoming even more popular with the success of each a brand, enterprise or individual. And what’s most appealing about it is that it doesn’t require a lot of time and effort to start promoting your work and see results from your actions. One of the easiest ways of cooperating with other people as well as improving marketing goals is by hosting an Instagram takeovers.

Wondering what this means? Instagram Takeover implies that a person or a brand posting on your Instagram channel is providing your followers an insight of your unique content from another angle. It’s basically a request for promotion of your work by and already established and popular major brand, company or individual.

Choose what you want to accomplish

The first step in implementing your indirect advertising strategy is to define what you want to achieve during the takeover, how to encourage the community, enrich and expand content, advertise a new product or an idea. So what do you get with an Instagram takeover?


Benefits of using Instagram Takeover strategy:

  • Grow your Instagram audience.
  • Boost community engagement.
  • Promote an idea, product, or event without investing in the advertisement.
  • Foster authenticity and define your niche.

Knowing the benefits of this surrogate advertisement, you’ll naturally want to know how to go about it, where to inquire about these services and how to proceed afterward.

Choosing the right host

First things first. You’ll need to find an adequate partner for your deal. This may be your favorite Instagrammer, blogger or any other successful person that conducts his or hers business via Instagram’s promotional services. More importantly, you need to provide something in return.

So either starts admiring other people’s work to that extent that they become almost obligated to return the favor and conduct an Instagram takeover. The other possible solution for your advertisement problems is to ask directly and hope for the best.

If your favorite Instagrammer, blogger or brand has a private profile, try using an Instagram private profiles viewing app and after you’ve decided whether your targeted Instagrammer is famous enough, ask for an Instagram takeover. This way you can filter and easily differentiate potential candidates for Instagram takeover.


So how do you find the right host?

Naturally, your targeted host must be and individual that already acquired an enviable number of followers on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. They should already have an audience to which you don’t have access in order to promote your work directly by presenting it to them.

Aim for the golden middle. You don’t want to ask for Instagram takeover from a major brand like Nike, Adidas or any other equally famous or huge regarding how successful they are. You’re looking for successful entrepreneurs, popular bloggers or any other relatively famous Individual that has an account on this social network.

Aiming too high might shatter your hopes and dreams, as no major brand will accept an Instagram Takeover proposal from another Instagrammers that has less than ten thousand followers.

Talking the talk

Whenever you feel ready to start the conversation and request for Instagram takeover, you can address them personally via email, or start the conversation on their profile. Make sure that you use a friendly tone, mention that you’re an admirer of their work and then once you’ve convinced them that you truly are a fan, request for Instagram takeover.

Depending on your persuading abilities and your targeted Instagrammer you can get a positive response or a negative one. And this is only natural, as not everyone on Instagram is prepared to promote someone else’s work for no reason at all. So what’s the catch?


The goal is to convince them that you have potential and that there is indeed some quality in your work. Next to this, you should prove that you’ve been monitoring their work for some time. You should also mention that their work inspired you to create and achieve greatness.

So it’s on you to persuade them that you’re the only reasonable candidate for an Instagram promotion. Once this is settled, and your targeted Instagrammer realizes that you’re the only choice for conducting this promotional service, the only thing left for you to do is pick your photos.

Choosing the right material for promotion

Not every picture is worth promoting on Instagram. Surely you’re aware that there is a difference in quality in your work, and that only 30 percent of your shared content is eligible for promotion via Instagram takeover process. This means that before you ask for promotional services from another, already successful Instagrammer, you should pick you best photo material.

They won’t have patience, so you should be quick to pick your best photos. But how to spot photos from your album that are worth promoting? The safest move is the process of elimination. So once you open your album, look for mediocre photos, or the ones with mildly interesting content.


This may be a poorly taken a picture of your dog, girlfriend or any other earlier work of yours. A great picture that’s worth of promoting via Instagram takeover should be of highest quality (this goes without mentioning), aclear idea of what you were trying to focus on and a blurred background that emphasizes the importance of the main object in the picture.

Concluding the deal

Once you’ve found the right person to request for an Instagram takeover, convinced them that you’re the best candidate, proved that your work is worthy of their time and effort, show them that there’s potential in your work, the only thing left for you to do is wait for results.

Depending on how successful your targeted Instagrammer is your follower numbers should increase exponentially with each day that passes or stay the same. Remember that it all depends on their advertising abilities, the quality of your photos, and their audience.