For more than half a decade Instagram was used as a bulletin board by many users to leave their photos and hang their memories. Now, six years after Instagram was initially released we have something new to see in features other than simple posting, commenting and sharing options. This has done more than simply widened user’s perception of what Instagram is and what it could be as a social platform.

In case you are wondering how big competitive brands stay on the market for so long without removing each other from the spotlight, let me give you a little hint- plagiarism. Every once in a while, one side will try to copy something that another one has. Given that timing is right and the act of piracy proves valid, this move won’t bring any suspicion with the audience. Instagram has recently released features that resemble ones seen before with apps like Snapchat and Twitter. Let’s see how similar these features actually are and can they be considered stolen.

Instagram Stories

It is true that most of the feature’s options are copy/pasted from Snapchat to Instagram. Are there some differences, though? The first and the most obvious one is that Instagram has a nice view of a list of people that just posted a story. You might have noticed that the rim of the circle is colored whenever someone shares a new story. This is something that Snapchat didn’t think of and it’s proving to be quite practical.


Other than this, everything else is pretty much the same. You can easily capture and share a video story, edit it by doodling or adding smileys to it or change the privacy of your Instagram story. The only “new” thing that Instagram added to this feature is a neon glow for doodle lines. A simple-outlined stripe that resembles a neon light. This and the fact that now others can also add smiles and doddle-art your story. And this is a great thing as it shows what people think of you.

Expressing feelings through art, by any graphical style or form, is something we’ve been doing since ages. Remember the simple drawings found in the caves? Basically, it’s the same thing, except that now we do it on a plastic device that magically makes images appear on its surface.

Instagram’s Live Video Feature

There is nothing new to this feature as it was seen before on Twitter as well as on Facebook. We all know that Facebook owns many subsidiaries like Messenger, WhatsApp and let’s not forget Instagram. So being that there is nothing new to these features, more importantly being that this feature was passed from one social network to another it shouldn’t be called a plagiarism. That being said, let’s look at Instagram’s version of the Live feed. It works just like on any other social network.

You start a live video as you would start any other video feed that you’re about to post. As your online video session goes on you can actually see, who joined your live video session. After you’re finished with sharing, you will get a list showing your live audience.

The live feed was actually first introduced by Google+ as mean to get a portion of the audience that Facebook was getting at the time. They wanted to release a new feature that goes beyond the simple idea of liking or commenting. So if anyone should have the right to legally prosecute it should be the fine people that founded Google. Of course, nobody is doing anything similar as we’ve stated before that this kind of marketing move was often seen before.

Are you secure enough on Instagram?

Having trouble seeing other people’s Instagram account? This is probably because they’ve set their privacy setting to private. This means that only certain followers can see their posts and photos and you are not on this list. This can be frustrating as all you want to do is to check on an old friend, relative, crush, ex… It sounds unfair that you aren’t able to see the content they are sharing even though you are following that person on Instagram. If only there was some way to remove this privacy setting. Actually, there is and we have the right app for you.


Using our app you’ll forget about frustrations that you encounter every time you try to check the content on a locked profile.By simply downloading our app and connecting it to your Instagram account, you’ll be able to see what that locked profile is posting. Not only this, but you will be able to see their previous videos, photos, and comments they’ve posted. Many have tried it and said nothing but the best about our app.

Forget about those shady applications that promise to unlock profiles but get you nothing instead. Now you can easily set the privacy settings on another account with our app; this will permanently let you view locked Instagram profile. So if you want to check on someone that you haven’t seen in a long time be sure to use our app and don’t forget to let us know what you think of it.

Is Instagram Direct also a plagiarism?

Did you know that there is an option on Instagram similar to Facebook’s feature that lets you send photos to friends and groups? The only difference is that Facebook’s version doesn’t have a fancy name. Instagram Direct lets you send photos found on anyone’s feed to your friend or a group. You can also add captions to it. Simply click on the arrow on the right next to the photo, and choose a friend you want it sent to.


If the features above mentioned are mimicked from Twitter or Snapchat by Instagram, then every single feature they all have in common is plagiarism in a way. If you think of it, this way everything resembling something else is a stolen idea.