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Why Do You Need Our Tool?


You want to see private account on Instagram but security settings are not allowing you to do that. The user had set their profile to be locked for people who are not following them. All of us find ourselves in situation where we would just want to have a glance at someone’s profile, maybe to check if that is the person we were searching for to start to follow (many users have username that has nothing to do with their real name, so it could be hard to find them), some people find it hard to move on after break-ups and they want to see what their ex has been up to. There are many worried parents who are eager to know what their kids are doing on-line all day long, what are kids posting, who are they following, who are their friend they are spending so much time with, and you have never met them. We are not asking you to give away reason you decided to use our tool, but we do want you to know that you should not use it if you are doing it for wrong purposes. Our tool will allow you to stay undetected due to the fact that we are not asking for any personal information or downloading, but if you somehow misuse something you’ve learned while using this tool there is a chance you might get in trouble. We would advise you to be careful while using Instagram private profile viewer and try not to use it for the wrong purposes. Now, when we have settled that you may go on with our instructions. Read it carefully and enjoy!

Our Private Account Unlock Tool Features

Safe to Use

While using our tool, you don’t have to worry about being detected by the target. It cannot be traced back to you because you’re not providing any personal information in order for this tool to work.


Additional Options

We are giving you two options when it comes to viewing locked accounts. You can watch and browse online and another option is downloading pictures from Instagram to your computer.

Up to Date

We are constantly updating our tool so it matches the Instagram security updates. Also, it is compatible with all smart devices and their software updates, so you won’t have any trouble while using our tool on different devices.

Number of Our Clients



Average Daily Users

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tool require installation?

No, this tool works online, you don’t have to download anything just follow the steps and start using it.

Can my Instagram profile get suspended for using this tool?

Your profile cannot be suspended because you don’t give out any personal information, in other words, nobody knows who you are.

Can using this tool be tracked back to my computer?

We use safe browsing using proxy servers, so you are undetectable and untraceable.

How many profiles can I view in one day?

There is no limit, though we do not recommend seeing more than 600 because of our proxy settings the platform could become overburdened.

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