In this day and age, there are hundreds of more ways to advertise some product or some service. Anything that was considered a good advertisement on TV is now slowly changing its formats and moving in a new direction which is the online platform.

On the web, there are even more ways for advertisers to push their product and sometimes that can be a little overwhelming for even the professionals. The smart thing to do would be to hire a company that specializes in advertising online, but sometimes even that does not guarantee a successful ad campaign.

The online market in recent years got another big place for advertising which is the social media market. In this new and exciting place, we have millions of people who can be potential buyers and thousands of companies scrambling to create engaging and compelling ads.

We will try to provide a little insight on how to run a successful campaign on a social media platform known as Instagram.

First, we have to mention that Instagram has over half a billion active users and as such a huge market the way ads are run here differ from other platforms in the design and specifically to the needs of the consumers that use this platform.

The general population on Instagram includes younger generations, and the format that is used on Instagram can differ from three forms.

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • And Carousel type ads

So, to create a successful campaign add on Instagram you will need to be aware of a few things:

1. Figure out what format best suits your product or service

Like we mentioned before, there are three ways to create ads on Instagram. The first being in the picture format where everything you want to say must be put into the camera lens and transported with that to the viewer.

Sure, you get a small space to write something, but that is more of a headline than the whole story. The story should be focused on the picture and how to make it alive in the said image.

Than you have the video format. Here you can use create ways to make your commercial in the standard format that people have been doing for ages on the television. There isn’t much to say here except that people that use Instagram are a younger generation, so try to make the video ads more powerful and exciting in the shortest amount of time.

Last but not least we have the carousel type ads. These types of ads are based on the photo method but also give an extended space where you center your advertising. In layman words, the ad begins on Instagram but ends on the web page that you will go to by clicking on the call to action button.

2. Remember natural photos are impactful

On Instagram, people use photos to express situations where you would conventionally use words. As such a platform, it is imperative to know what is the trend on Instagram at this moment. If you are unsure of the newest trend, it’s never wrong to go natural.


The fact that Instagram is a visual ad platform natural pictures tend to be more successfully accepted with its members. Also, try and make your posts feel natural even if they aren’t. The more they feel like day to day posts instead of ads the more people will be willing to accept them.

3. Don’t spam the brand

One of the most important things today in advertising is to not tire out the viewers. This is counterproductive to the teachings of advertising from the past, but in the todays marketing world, oversaturation is an issue.

When you create ads with a product, it’s necessary to make the ad from several angels and not just force the product down the throat of the potential users.

For instance, if you are selling bottled water, don’t just create a commercial where you’re saying why your water is the best and preferred with people and “blah blah” more stuffing down the throat content.

If you want to make it inconspicuous, create a wonderful dinner and when you take the picture put the bottled water next to the meal with a smart caption that will seem like the bottle is there with reason, not just to be there for the sake of the product advertising.

4. Cut down long texts in the posts

As we mentioned before, pictures are the primary method of how Instagram functions. The text is relevant on those pictures, but it’s more of a filler thing than the main focus. If you post an amazing picture with tons of text that people should read then, you will be disappointed to know that over 50% of them won’t bother.

Make the text light and keep it short. The primary focus should be on the picture and the story should be told by the image. If it can’t fit into one, make more of them, but never try to convey the story over the text, at least not on Instagram, for that, you can use other social media platforms like twitter and Facebook.

5. Recognize that Instagram is not an extension of Facebook

Instagram belongs to Facebook, but it’s completely different in every possible and meaningful way. If you are doing good on Facebook, it does not mean you can transit to Instagram with the same strategy. First of all, keeping a private profile on Facebook even when doing advertising can be a good thing. Here on Instagram, the situation is different.


The more people can get to see your content the more people will spread it in the online “word of mouth.” Understand also that brand engagement is critical on Instagram while on Facebook just making posts is enough for people to be engaged here you have to get more personal with your user base of followers.

We hope these small tips have been good enough to help you launch a successful advertising campaign on Instagram. If you have wish to know more about Instagram, make sure to check out our other posts.