There was some discussion lately regarding the security of Instagram profiles. The topic included questioning whether there were ways to secure your account and whether or not there is a way to get access to a private Instagram profile’s content. Surely by now someone found a way to go around the restriction on photos that private profiles have. The good news is that there is a certain app that lets you see private profile’s content and the bad news is that it’s not easy to find. To further investigate the matter we’ve come up with the fact that we do know about this new and amazing app.

Does it truly exist?

There are confirmations that this app that can unlock a private profile on Instagram truly exists. But how would that app even work, and why is Instagram allowing its existence when it is certain that it acts against the policy of Instagram. To answer, we need to see how Instagram works. As you open an account, there are two possible options regarding publishing your posts. You can either make your profile a private one or you can make it into a public one.


The difference between these two setting is obvious, one allows sharing your post to everyone, another only to your friends. Private profiles are locked to those who aren’t followers of that profile on Instagram. So basically until you are approved as a follower by the owner of that profile you won’t be able to see any pictures, posts or videos on that profile. One of the ways this Instagram spy tool could function is that it would remove the restriction of a private profile.

Removing the restriction

How would a simple app remove a restriction on a powerful social platform like Instagram? Let’s remember that Instagram went a long way from being the “new kid on the block” to becoming the kind of social platforms. A lot of time and money was invested in this project and being that it’s acting as a subsidiary company from Facebook, it’s safe to say that they didn’t start from scratch. So it wouldn’t be easy to find a way around the security system on Instagram to unlock and gain access to otherwise locked content.

But what if the solution is simple, what if the only way you can gain access to the content of private profile is by masquerading as already approved follower. If you look at it this way, this is the only obstacle that’s denying you the access. So this app could work in a way, as a disguised follower that is already approved by the private account user. It’s like passing the border with right papers that show green light in the system. No one is going to do a DNA test to prove that the man in the picture is actually you, all they need it to confirm the validity of your papers. If they are spot on accurate with the information they need you’re good to go, if not well then game over.

Finding the dirt

You could use this app to finally prove that your partner is being unfaithful, or at least to keep track of their activities. Instagram acts as a big database of memories; these memories include pictures, photos and little hints of information regarding that person’s whereabouts. So if you want to use this spying app to keep your lover at bay, you’re free to do so. It all depends on whether you’re ready to find dirt or you not. Some people are comfortable living in ignorance where that which we don’t know can’t hurt us, or our relationship. But truth does matter, and everyone is entitled to it.


No matter how grim the outcomes may be or how hard it may be to digest the information that your partner is cheating on you, you should always find proof before you start throwing accusations. You can use this app to get access to private profiles that are linked to your partner’s. Be sure to target only the ones you suspect otherwise you’ll be spending your precious time on nothing but stalking strangers. But you are not there to stalk, you’re there to find any evidence that your partner is having an affair.

Collecting the evidence

If you do suspect that there is even the slightest chance that your partner is cheating on you, start with her or his profile. Go through all the pictures, otherwise locked pictures, and look for any indication that there might be something going on behind your back. You need to study every picture and learn how to read emotions form face expressions alone. Pay attention to group photos and the direction in which every person is looking. It may bring up more evidence, a path of breadcrumbs for you to follow. If you do find a certain lead on your “affair case,” switch to that profile and do the same inspecting every picture.

Look for anything that can link your partner’s profile to the other one that you are currently monitoring. It’s probably wise to check the comment section in search for more evidence or a possible lead on another profile that seems suspicious. Maybe it’s that friend of theirs that never lets her out of his site or that other creep that’s constantly eyeballing her as if she’s the last piece of cake on the island and he’s a treated diabetic but can’t help himself.


So there are means of doing this, but it’s up to you whether you go about it or ignore the rush or negative thoughts just like you should. Insecurity is indeed manifested by jealousy that starts with small pesky questions and can grow to extremely irrational accusations of dishonesty and mischief in term of being loyal in a relationship. So if you want to be that person, go ahead do your best with these new spy apps, if not just chill but make sure you notice the obvious if it comes to that.