As an Instagram user, you probably already know that the app and the social networks get frequent updates. The new platform is over protective, and the tolerance for spammers has been reduced to zero. Do something that looks like spamming, and you could be in trouble.

The idea behind the new updates is generally good, and it is to ban and delete fake accounts and all kinds of spammers that cause problems for other users.

Users who are new to Instagram could easily make an innocent mistake and end up getting banned without knowing what happened. The chances are you won’t be able to do anything about it. If you are lucky, you could receive a warning message first.


Navigating through the site these days is not an easy task. There are tons of fake accounts and mines you have to jump over all the time. Make a mistake, and the Instagram masters will unleash their wrath.

But there is still hope! The text below contains all the information you need to make sure you take the right path on Instagram. These simple tricks can help you blend in with normal Instagram users.

  • Continue with posting photos. That’s another typical spammer strategy, but if you post regularly, every day or a couple of times a week, you’ll be safe.
  • If you have just created an account on Instagram, don’t start commenting and liking other people’s posts immediately. Doing that would fit right into what goes on with fake accounts. Instead, start posting photos of your own. The more, the better, but don’t post them all at the same time, go with two or three a day. After about a week, like and   comment whatever you want.
  • Make sure to complete the profile creation process. That includes the profile photo and the short bio. Don’t expose information to the Instagram security features.
  • Don’t press the Like button too much. This is an action that pushes you right in front of the firing squad! The maximum limit is 350 likes per hour, but it’s safer not to test it.


  • Don’t follow masses of people. Spammers send out requests to as many people as possible to push their scams. Acting like that is not a good idea. The limit for new followings is 20 every hour, but the maximum number of people you can follow is 7500. Make your choices wisely. You could use apps and tools to help you access private Instagram profile as you wish.
  • Don’t mention users who are not on your follower’s list in other posts unless they mentioned you first. That can happen if your photo is selected as a winner of a weekly competition or something like that. People congratulate you, but don’t thank each and every one of them and don’t mention more people in your comments. It sucks, that’s true, but that’s what you got to do on Instagram these days.
  • Don’t make duplicate comments and that includes emojis. If the algorithm catches you doing that, you won’t be able to comment while you are in detention. When does it stop? No one ones. If you’re so unlucky to get the ‘Action Blocked’ message, your faith is in the hands of Instagram. The detention time of doing the actions that the site doesn’t like varies from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks.
  • Be careful with using Like and Follow apps and bot services. The safest thing to do is skip these apps altogether. The truth is that these apps have some benefits true users would like. Still, you should be aware that using these apps is illegal as far as Instagram and its parent company Facebook are a concern. The security has been tightened lately.
  • Stick to the Community Guidelines. You should always check the rules and terms of the community before you decide on doing something that could get you banned.

No one likes these rules because they feel like a dictatorship, or at least a quick and rough solution. It is a huge step towards getting rid of spammers, bots, and fake accounts, but some regular users may be affected by it as well.

What should I do if I’m already blocked?

When you get blocked or banned on Instagram, your profile should be active again anywhere from 4 hours to 4 weeks since the incident. Can you do something to speed things up? The following list has some options you could try to speed things up, but they don’t work every time.


If you start getting pop-up messages like the Action Block, the ‘Tell Us’ button is all you need. Click on it to inform Instagram about them making a mistake. Some people had a lot of success by doing this. Instagram contacted them asking for some additional security info.

One of these steps is to write your full name, username, and a code they send to you. You have to send a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with that number. Once everything is confirmed, your account should be up and running in a couple of days.

You can also contact Instagram in the following ways

1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile page. Open the options menu and scroll down until you see the option ‘Report a problem.‘ Then select it and choose ‘Something isn’t working.’ Fill the form and send it to Instagram customer support.

2. Fill out the Form for reporting Hacked Accounts. Tell them that you can’t access your account and that it’s probably hacked.

3. Edit your Bio. Some users had success by changing the information in their Bio.

4. Reinstall the app on your device. That seems like a blind shot, but users reported having luck by trying this method.

5. If you did something and your account got disabled, you can write to the customer support saying that it was a mistake. The rest is up to them.

These are the major things you should keep in mind when using Instagram, and you shouldn’t worry about any bans or blocks in the future.