We all know that, at the end of the day, Instagram is all about the visual stimulus. The quality of your photographs is what matters the most when it comes to gaining followers and gaining interest in your brand. Your hard work doesn’t, and shouldn’t end once you have edited the photograph. There is one more thing you are supposed to do if you want to engage your followers in ways you can’t do with just the photos.

We are talking about captions. The caption of your photo is where you give voice to the visual content. The caption is where you tell your followers to take action or write something witty to make your content more shareable. If you aren’t taking captions seriously, you are losing out on an opportunity to captivate your followers. Read on and learn how to write killer Instagram captions!

don't rush the timeDon’t rush the process

Have you ever posted something only to regret it later because you have thought of a good caption after posting? This happens to everyone, which is why you should always write a few drafts first. Don’t rush the thinking process, write a few ideas for captions down and think about them. You can even ask for some assistance from coworkers or friends. Always make sure that you don’t rush, but instead let an idea sit for a while, and try to think of more than one idea.

Put important stuff in the front

Captions on Instagram cut off in users’ feed after three to four lines of text. It is essential to keep this in your mind at all times. This doesn’t mean that you have to make your captions short to avoid users having to click “more.” Instead, put important content and calls-to-action in the front, and leave @mentions and hashtags for the end. This way the users who don’t like clicking “more” will notice everything you want them to notice.

Don’t overuse the hashtags

Hashtags are awesome for connecting users who aren’t otherwise connected. They are also a nice way to add some humor and fun to your posts, but it is important not to use more than 1-4 hashtags. Why? Because people notice when someone overuses hashtags, and it will look spammy to them. Not to mention that your brand won’t seem cool in their eyes, but the opposite.

Don't overuse the hashtags

Include a call-to-action

Using a call-to-action is the best way to engage your followers and increase the shareability of your post. Using action verbs prompts the users to do something. You can say something similar to “share your experiences with us” or “double-tap if you think this is cute.” Ask the users questions, encourage them to comment with their experiences and to tag their friends.

Use Emojis

It doesn’t matter what you think about emoticons, what matters is that Instagram users love them. This is why so many of the “serious” brands are using them. You can use them at the beginning of a post, or you can use them in the middle of a sentence to replace words. You can even use emojis at the end of a post as some kind of a punchline. Be creative, don’t be afraid to experiment.

use emojis on instagram captions

Set a lighthearted tone

Instagram is popular for its lighthearted, fun tone. It is used to show off the more human and personable side of brands. This is why it is important to adapt to Instagram’s lighthearted tone. If your brand is serious, try to find a balance. It may seem hard at first, but in the end, it pays off.


Everyone knows that success comes from taking someone’s idea and bettering it. The same goes for writing good Instagram captions. You should always check out what the competition is doing and how successful it is. Think about the ways you can better their idea, and then do it. There are even services out there that will let you view private profiles. Some of the private profiles are filled with excellent ideas, and services like PrivateViewer enable you to browse through those profiles.